Travel Towel

When you are not entirely sure where you are going to be staying, it is always good to bring your own towel. Now if you are like me, you like to travel as light as possible. I tend to have my own hand luggage and so does Lyla. In regards to our main luggage, I tend to carry one large rucksack which contains everything for both of us, (more about that later) and another large, empty, duffel bag on wheels that I check in on Lyla’s baggage allowance. I then usually fill it up en-route. Anyway, what this means is that I have limited space. Now usually, if travelling to hot climates, that isn’t too much of a problem, but space does become an issue. Towels notoriously take up a lot of room, especially if you are sharing a bag to save on baggage charges. A couple of years ago I came across a wonderful solution; the microfibre towel. These towels are much less fluffy, so therefore less bulky, but equally as absorbent. A large beach/ bath sized towel takes up about an eighth of the room. Problem solved. The one I purchased, from Life Adventure dries 8 times quicker than normal towels and has an antibacterial treatment which is great if you have to pack it away when it is still a bit damp.

treck towel

You can buy them here for £17.35. I always pack one for each of us.


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