Saving money for your travels

Being a single parent makes it particularly difficult to raise the funds for any trip away. As any other single parent will tell you, you always need more of three things; money, time with your child  and work. One of these usually interferes negatively with another so it’s always tricky. Although I think it is a bit harder for single parents,  I also think it applies to most parents. There are several things that I do to raise money for a trip. I have listed them below;

*Don’t turn your heating on unless you’re really cold, put a jumper on instead.

*Utility Warehouse offers a thousand air miles for signing up, then up to two thousand, five hundred per year. I have my landline, broadband, gas and electric through them and make about one hundred Airmiles a month. You can also add your mobile contract too.

*The other way I collect regularly is to pay for my rent with the TSB American Express Credit card. You get five points for every pound you spend and one point for every pound you spend on the twin MasterCard you also get when you apply. I pay the card off every month as if paying my rent normally so I am never in debt.

There are several other ways of collecting Airmiles, but all of these are things I regularly have to buy so I may as well collect whilst I do.

The other way I recommend raising money is to sell unwanted things on EBay. A good way to do it is to go through each room and clear out things as if you are moving house, you will be amazed at what you have to sell. I am currently doing this to raise funds for an underwater camera for when we go snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef.

This morning I found a great little article about funding your trips. There are some great ideas Funding Your TravelInternational Money


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