Saving money for your travels


Being a single parent makes it particularly difficult to raise the funds for any trip away. As any other single parent will tell you, you always need more of three things; money, time with your child  and work. One of these usually interferes negatively with another so it’s always tricky. Although I think it is a bit harder for single parents,  I also think it applies to most parents. There are several things that I do to raise money for a trip. I have listed them below;

*Don’t turn your heating on unless you’re really cold, put a jumper on instead.

*Utility Warehouse offers a thousand air miles for signing up, then up to two thousand, five hundred per year. I have my landline, broadband, gas and electric through them and make about one hundred Airmiles a month. You can also add your mobile contract too.

*The other way I collect…

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