Australia is on our next destination list. Any tips anyone?

IMG_3064I posted some time back about a trip I have booked for March 2016. Since booking the flights I have been looking into where we can go in the two week time frame we have there. Whilst I love cities, when it comes to visiting somewhere new with a limited time for exploring, I tend to go for the more rural areas. In most countries of the world, most tourists flock to the cities, probably because more often than not they are flying in or out of them. I prefer to get out as soon as I can. I know with my own country, the UK, most when visiting would associate the UK with what they know about London. Whilst London is a vibrant and fabulous city, it is NOT a representation of all that the UK has to offer, far from it. When I know friends or family are coming over, I always try to encourage them to see the UK outside of the major cities. Not only do you get the chance to see the country in its many different colours, you also get a chance to see how the locals live. I think this is translates to any country you visit.

For example, another country I am visiting in March is Thailand. Bangkok has just become the most visited city in the world. Is it like the rest of Thailand? I strongly suspect it isn’t. Going back to my original point, I am now looking at where we can go outside of the major cities of Oz. We fly into Perth first to visit my dad’s cousin and his family. I then want to see the big red rock – hopefully at sunrise or sunset – I am thinking of the photographic opportunities here :). I also want to see the rain forest and take Lyla Snorkelling in The Great Barrier Reef. For this I think I need to look into a Go Pro, possible like the Hero 3.

I have just found this by The Lonely Planet it is a great list of top things to do in Oz. I will sign off for now whilst I do some more research. I will be back soon with more detailed ideas. Any tips anyone?


Thank you for your comments, I will be in touch soon

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