Long lost cousins in Australia

As part of our next trip we intend to spend two weeks down under, If you have read previous posts you’ll know the story behind this trip. Throughout my life my dad mentioned cousins on my granddad’s side that he had lost touch with in the 50’s. Two years ago I was working at Pinewood and telling my Australian assistant the story. The last my dad knew was that his cousins were living in Perth. Up to this point I had tried several times to search for them online to no avail, I am guessing because the older generation do not have so much presence online as my generation do. I was saying to her that I was thinking of trying to find a newspaper that would run the story to try and fine them that way. She suggested that I try The Western Australian amongst three others. The WA got back to me and said they would run the story. The story went out on Christmas Eve 2013. By the time I woke up on Christmas Eve morning, I had an email from one of my dad’s cousins still living in Perth. The other cousin got in touch later that same day, he is now living in Thailand.

My dad sadly passed away in July this year. Before he did, I managed to get him on Skype to talk to his cousin for the first time in many years. My dad didn’t have very much, but what he left me I have put into this trip. It feels right to do that, if he is watching me now he would say take what is left and enjoy yourself. This is why Thailand and Australia are the main destinations on our trip. We are spending a week in Thailand and our first five days in Australia, in Perth. We plan to visit the big red rock whilst we are there and snorkel in The Great Barrier Reef. Tomorrow I will be telling you all about a fantastic trip we are taking in the red desert.



Thank you for your comments, I will be in touch soon

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