It’s been a while… 

So ironically I have to admit, I’ve been so busy with work I’ve not had a chance to write about travel – even though I’m currently sat in Singapore!

As I mentioned before we have been planning a trip for a while to visit my dad’s cousins. We left at 4pm on the 11th March and that’s when some of the problems started. I had booked a car online to pick us up and take us to the airport and paid for it up front. We nearly got in the wrong taxi, but luckily realised before it was too late and I ended up paying for the journey again!

Anyway check-in and boarding at Heathrow went smoothly and we made our way towards Dubai where we were changing planes for Thailand. On arriving in Dubai, we were told by the pilot that due to severe weather there was a massive queue trying to land and that we were to be delayed for up to three hours! We were then diverted to Muscat to refuel. We realised pretty soon that we were going to miss our connecting flight and landed with the feignt hope that our next flight might have been delayed too. It wasn’t. We were confronted on landing with stressed and confused passengers. Many people had missed connecting flights and there was limited staff dealing with the problem. It wasn’t their fault, but some were queuing for nearly an hour only to be told they were in the wrong queue and needed to queue somewhere else. Some were being turned away and told that they would not be flying until two days later!

I tried to remain calm because it’s not worth getting upset about and I didn’t want to worry an already tired Lyla. At times like this, most kids just want reassurance that you’re in control and that everything will be ok. If you’re not sure,  act like you are, at least initially. I told Lyla that hopefully we would catch a flight out that day, but if not, not to worry because I would find a place for us to stay over night.
It is always worth having back up emergency funds, especially if you’re travelling with children. I am travelling now with the Halifax credit card. The card allows withdrawals and purchases aboard at a 0% rate. It works out cheaper than your standard debit card, as long as long as you pay it off straight away. Luckily we were allocated a flight seven hours later so we didn’t need it, but it was a reminder of how quickly things can change.

Eventually we arrived in Bangkok seven hours later than planned.
Until next time Michelle & Lyla


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