Hua Hin, Thailand.

Again a belated post! After visiting Bangkok we travelled south to Hua Hin. My dad’s cousin and his Thai wife live here in a gorgeous house on the coast. The area has a village that has various houses mainly owned by foreigners, this means most of the year they were empty. The site has a pool which most days we had to ourselves. Lyla took full advantage of this on most days!

 Other than pools Lyla also had the opportunity to go to a Thai university and learn to make a Thai desert.

I got up one morning at 5.30am to give an offering of food to the Buddhist monks who come down from the temple. Anna is a Buddhist and this was a real honour. They even obliged when Anna asked if we could have a photo. We then took a walk along the beach at sunrise.  This was my highlight of the trip so far.


Things we loved about Thailand;

The people

The culture

The food

The weather

The sunsets

The beaches

The one thing Lyla didn’t like

The sandflies!

Next stop Singapore…


Thank you for your comments, I will be in touch soon

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