Our second trip to Singapore

I have a lovely old friend who lives in Singapore with her family who reminded me just before I arrived there that we had been friends for 26 years! How did that happen?? Anyway, we love seeing them when they come to the UK, or visiting them. Lyla and my friends daughter get on very well and they are always a bit sad to leave each other. This trip was no different. We had no plans beforehand because our main purpose was to visit our friends. We did however decide to take a trip to Marina Bay to Gardens By The Bay. There are two biodiversity domes there and just outside you can visit some man made trees which work in the same way that natural trees do.

Locals can expect a decent discount on tickets whilst visitors pay $28 per adult and £15 per child, this translates to approximately £14 an adult and £7.50 a child which is quite reasonable. Gardens By The Bay is worth a visit if you are in Singapore for a few days. We enjoyed the trees the most.

Lyla also had the opportunity to go to school for the morning with my friend’s daughter. Although I could see she was a little nervous at first, it is experiences like that during travelling which help children to gain confidence. 


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