Flying with children

Since we started all this travelling malarkey I have found ways to make the flying experience easier. Long haul flights with very small children, under three can be really tricky. I didn’t take Lyla on a long haul flight until just before she turned four. All circumstances and children are different, so you will make decisions based on your travels. I learnt very quickly that the most important thing is keeping them entertained. I have mentioned before the Boostapack by Trunki. We used this on every trip until recently when Lyla grew out of it. We had a travel pillow attached to it which you can buy online or at almost every airport. On the airplane all of my usual limits on iPad, iPod and movie use go out of the window. When you are strapped into a seat for thirteen hours anything that works will do! I always pack the iPad with lots of games on it, the iPod with similar, book for her to read, pens and pencils for drawing with and a pair of headphones. A lot of flights will supply headphones for in flight entertainment, but if you are on a short haul flight you might not have it and you’ll still have to keep them entertained for a few hours. It’s also worth taking a sick bag in their hand luggage just in case they get an upset stomach due to unexpected turbulence, trust me when they suddenly turn round to you and say they are going to be sick you won’t have time to root around checking to see if there is one available in the back of the seat. Either check where one is as you board, or take one with you, they aren’t always there.

Encourage them right from their first flight to wear their seat belts whilst seated, there is a reason the staff suggest you do, unexpected turbulence does happen.

Always expect the unexpected. On our last trip which included ten flights, we faced a seven hour delay in Dubai due to storms, a four hour delay due to a death on a plane coming in to pick us up and severe sudden terbulance on a long haul flight. We also had to improvise when we arrived at the rather small airport in Australiato find that the transfer company that was supposed to be picking us up, had gone into administration four hours before we arrived after trading for over 20 years! On each occasion for one reason or another I needed to spend money I hadn’t budgeted for. This came in the form of an emergency credit card which is 0% on purchases and withdrawals. If you are looking for a travel card with similar benefits before you travel always visit for the best deals.


Thank you for your comments, I will be in touch soon

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