Over to Australia

It is always lovely going to Singapore to see my friend and her family. Lyla enjoys it too as she gets on very well with my friend’s daughter who is of a similar age. However the time came to say goodbye and move onto pastures new – Perth, Australia. Some of you may recall that a while back I posted a piece about this trip and the intention behind it. I talked about how my dad had often talked about long lost cousins in Australia. 18 moths before he died, (he passed away last summer), I found them by placing an ad in The Western Australian newspaper. A few months after finding them we met one of them in Paris for the day whilst they were passing through on a cruise. After visiting one of my dad’s cousins and his wife in Thailand, we were now on the next part of that journey in Perth. He had arranged for us to be booked into the Captain Stirling which is based on Stirling Highway in Nedlands, a short bus ride from either Freemantle or Perth city centre. The Captain Stirling is basically a pub with accommodation upstairs. There is a shared kitchen area for most guests though we had rented the apartment which included our own kitchen. This is budget accommodation, it’s like one step up from hostel facilities, but it was ok for us as we didn’t spend too much time there. The room was cleaned every other day and the staff were friendly and helpful. We couldn’t use the wifi whilst we were there for some reason, it just wouldn’t connect.  The Captain Stirling 

Tomorrow we go to prison… 


Thank you for your comments, I will be in touch soon

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