Alice Springs and Uluru.

For those of you who haven’t heard already, Ayer’s Rock has gone back to its roots and is now known as its original aboriginal name of Uluru.

We pre-booked a trip with AAT Kings Tours to pick us up in Alice Springs and take us on a tour of the red Centre. We stopped an aboriginal art Centre where I bought some art directly from the sellers. Each piece of art had details about the artist along with a description of the story behind the painting. I preferred to buy my art like this rather than from shops selling the art for huge markups. This way I knew what I was paying was going to the artist themselves. We travelled up through the West MacDonnell and James Ranges, stopped at a random camel farm on the way and eventually after a few toilet breaks arrived at Ayer’s Rock Resort in the late afternoon. My only gripe was that when we arrived we had to wait a couple of hours for our room to be ready. We did however receive a full apology and a lovely complimentary basket of fruit.

We had arranged to stay at the resort for two days and had pre-booked various tours whilst we were there. Our first tour was out to Kuta Tjata which was a walking tour through a valley between the two infamous rocks. It was advised on our way north that we might like to purchase a fly net as the flies this far north can be unbearable for anyone visiting who isn’t used to it. Lyla wore hers on this walk, but I decided to go without. I didn’t find the flies too much of a problem, I’m not sure if this was because we visited in late March so it wasn’t the hottest time of year, although the temperature did reach 38 most days. The area is well worth a visit, take plenty of sunscreen, wear a hat to protect you from the sun and drink plenty of water, trust me you will need it.

That evening we visited Uluru for the first time to see the sunset. It’s colour changes as the sun goes down from a vibrant burnt orange through to a deep burgundy. Lyla loved the RedCentre. Next stop Port Douglas…


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