Saving Money On Flights Part Two

A few days ago I posted about the flight app Hopper. An award winning app that alerts you when it is the best time to buy the cheapest flights. In addition to this, I have some more tips to maximise your chances of finding the best deal. After using Hopper I usually then search to confirm this is the best deal using a website such as Skyscanner. More often than not you’ll find that Hopper has already alerted you to the best price, but occasionally you’ll find something even better like I did recently when searching for flights from London to LAX. Hopper informed me that my flights were £403 each, but when I searched on Skyscanner I found them for £589 for both. I might add that this price didn’t included luggage and in flight meals.

Finally I went into The Flight Centre to see if I could further improve on my deal. The reason I do this is that because I am travelling with a child on my own, I often use airport transfers etc. By booking through an agent you have more protection should something go wrong. In Australia an airport transfer company we had booked went into administration after 26 years of service, three hours before we arrived. The Flight Centre refunded us in full once I presented them with the receipts we had from the taxis we had to use. I negotiated an even better deal; £549 for both flights.

It’s worth considering whether or not in flight meals are worth it when you are travelling with children. Will they eat them? Will YOU even eat them? Or is it worth thinking of taking your own food on. At approximately £25 a meal, it a decision worth thinking about.

What are your top tips for attaining cheap flights? Can you beat mine?


Thank you for your comments, I will be in touch soon

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