Port Douglas, Australia.

After staying in the Red Centre we took a flight to our next destination, Port Douglas. We flew in from Ayers Rock airport which is about as big as my living room! Whilst we were staying there, Lyla befriended another girl from Pool, Dorset and spent a lot of her time hanging out with her at the pool. We found out a few days before we were to leave for Port Douglas that they were booked on the same flight. When we arrived to check in, Lyla was pulled aside for a random spot check. That had never happened before, so I explained to her what it meant and she relaxed. The departure lounge had one shop, which is likely smaller than your local chip shop. Once we were about to board the shop shut, as there are very few flights that depart from there.
When we compared our tickets with our new found friends we realised they were sat directly behind us! Lyla was very happy as she had someone to chat to throughout the flight. Our aircraft was tiny! Don’t ask me the name of it because I have no idea, but we had to walk across a very small area to board it. The flight took a few hours and we said goodbye to the family we had met promising that we would be in touch once we had settled. A chatty helpful driver picked us up from the airport and took us to our accommodation.

Freestyle Resort, Port Douglas, is run by Anne and Jason Moore. As we were arriving out of normal business hours, I was contacted by Anne a few days before to make arrangements for picking up our keys. The arrangements were quick and simple. We were delighted to be confronted with a large basket of fruit on arrival in our room. There were also guides to local attractions and sachets of the local ‘ Daintree Tea’. The accommodation was clean and spacious with a decent balcony. We had access to the pool and lounging area, which had areas that were suitable for those who love the sun, but also areas throughout the day that were in shade. Anne was always on hand to advise and help out with local tours and activities. She was incredibly knowledgable in the local area and helped us choose activities and tours that best suited our needs.  I recommend Freestyle Resort for your stay in Port Douglas.


The accommodation was a ten minute walk away from the town centre which offered a decent variety of restaurants and shops. The beach was also about the same distance but some might have been put off by the signs as you entered it…

The beach had an area cordoned off and manned by a lifeguard. It was a beautiful beach, but I’d definitely recommend swimming in the monitored area unless you don’t mind being stung by jelly fish!

Next up The Great Barrier Reef!


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