The Great Barrier Reef

After a trip a few years back to Corfu in which Lyla spent most of her time face down, snorkel on, staring at fish, I knew the Great Barrier Reef was a must visit during our trip to Australia. To get from Perth to Alice Springs, then onto Port Douglas added a considerable sum to our budget because internal flights in Australia are not cheap. However, the added cost was more than worth it. We arranged a trip out to the reef, along with the rest of our trip,  through the Flight Centre who have often come up trumps for us in preparing recent trips. The trip was with Quicksilver Cruises who offer a tour to the reef where you can enjoy a range of activities from their ref platform in the outer Agincourt Reef.

You are picked up from your accommodation at a prearranged time and taken to the departure dock to collect your boarding passes. On the day we arrived we were warned to be on our guard as the day before an adult salt water crocodile had been spotted wandering around on the departure decking, one  of the quirks of of visiting Port Douglas!!

The trip over to the diving platform was quite rocky. We were warned as left that they were expecting the trip to be bumpy. They offered travel sickness tablets for adults and children at no more than $3. I purchased some just in case. Both Lyla and myself were fine – she doesn’t get travel sick anyway. On our way over we were shown a diving and safety video. A guy from Quicksilver  gave us a snorkelling briefing, followed a little later by a talk by a marine biologist.

On arrival we were taken to the area to get kitted out in our snorkelling gear.

Getting kitted out

As soon as we got to the waters edge, Lyla was gone! 10 metres of water out in the middle of the ocean didn’t phase her at all! I on the other hand was having trouble with my snorkel filling up with water.

 Lyla off in the distance already!

IMG_0246The one picture I managed to get of both of us

 Lyla the fish surrounded by fish
Lyla absolutely loved this experience and became a fish herself that day! If you are over in Port Douglas you can’t miss a trip to the reef!


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