Our story

I am a single mum to a gorgeous girl. I have been on my own with her almost from the beginning. Once I got used to the idea I decided to embrace it. I first travelled abroad with Lyla when she was 18 months old to a friends house in Osnabruck, Germany. Gradually as time has gone on I have got more and more adventurous with our travels. We have now visited thirteen countries together, and Lyla is still only nine. By the time she turns eleven we will have visited three more.
Interests I am constantly searching for new and interesting places to visit, some for trips in the near future and others for later on. I always try to travel to places and search out the most unusual places to stay and visit, plus the best flight deals. I never take a full package deal. It is not that there is anything wrong with them, but I like to see the real country as much as possible rather than being locked up in some ‘fun’ complex, which could be a hotel anywhere in the world. One of my favourite parts is planning the trip. Once I have planned one trip, I am already thinking about the next one. I always allow for flexibility and a sense of adventure within the planning stage and I’m also meticulous in regards to health and safety without actually compromising the adventure itself. I search for the cheapest air ticket to my proposed destination.Some say I am brave, I’m not sure I agree – I am not sure what I am. What I do know is that my nan always said that life really is too short, she died a few years ago at 102 years young. If that is the case and she reached that ripe old age, then I think we need to pack in as much as possible, that is what I am trying to do. Travel really is a wonderful tool for education and expanding a small person’s personality.


One thought on “Our story

  1. Thank you for following OMBH… I do hope you find a smile or two when you visit! Do enjoy your travels and do share them with us! I’m with you… I think your travels will expand both your minds and be an excellent education for your daughter! Have fun! ūüėČ


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